The Shubrick Family

L-R:Jordyn, Fred, Frederick, Dawn, Taylor, and Payton Shubrick

What’s in a Name?

The name 6 Brick’s comes from the last name Shubrick. Our CEO & Founder, Payton Shubrick wanted to have her family at the forefront of what 6 Brick’s is and will become. With six people in her immediate family, 6 Brick’s proves that a family owned business has a place in this industry. Four members of the Shubrick family are on the executive team, the other two members are legally not old enough 🙂

Payton Shubrick

CEO & Founder

Fred Shubrick

Chief Procurement Officer

John Delaney

Safety Director

Taylor Shubrick

Head of Community Responsibility & Quality Assurance

Dawn Shubrick

Executive Secretary

Gyasi Sellers

Head of Research & Development & Social Equity Participant

Irene Banks

Interior Designer and Brand Ambassador